The firm offers day-to-day assistance with legal monitoring of corporate life and transactions, as well as specialized legal advice for major structural operations:

  • standard corporate secretarial services (such as annual approval of financial statements, governance, securities and equity transactions, changes in corporate form);
  • legal engineering and advice on corporate transactions and restructurings  such as, inter alia, mergers, contributions, spin-offs, winding-up with or without liquidation;
  • issues of complex securities (in particular as part of corporate finance transactions with complex financial instruments) and the implementation of profit-sharing and incentive mechanisms for employees, managers and corporate officers;
  • company and group agreements, in particular the structuring and implementation of intragroup agreements, shareholders’ agreements, cooperation agreements and joint ventures;
  • regulatory aspects specific to listed companies, in particular given their obligations vis-à-vis the regulatory authorities and the public, as well as corporate governance requirements.